Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yay! new yarn!

I finally found the perfect yarn for the baby blanket that I want to make! Just look at how fun it is!
It's perfect - fully washable, and a bright, non-gender specific colour sheme. 512 yards in one skein too! Yay Hello Yarn! I ordered the yarn last week, and it arrived safely yesterday, fully wound into a very big centre-pull ball. I opened it in the evening, and couldn't resist knitting it up right away - this is what I have so far (okay, so it was kind of a busy night!):

the yarn-over spaces have yet to appear fully (as in this photo), but I'm thinking (hoping!) that they will be more obvious once the fabric is blocked... the yarn is supposed to be knit on 3.5mm to 3.75mm needles, but since its really a sock yarn, I'm using 4mms in hopes that the resulting fabric will be just that little bit more drapey (and because i haven't any 4.5mm dpns!).

Keep your fingers crossed! :)



Gosh that yarn looks beautiful. Let me know next time you plan on ordering from them and I'll come in with you on some! Is it expensive, it looks expensive!

Are you knitting int' Forth tonight? Would love to hear about your Scotland trip some more.

Impressionist said...

that's gorgeous yarn! I'm going to have a look at Hello Yarn now!