Friday, February 17, 2006

Newcastle on Google Maps

Click here and see my flat most inaccurately located in the Crow's Nest Pub!

A few months ago I tried to find Newcastle on Google Maps, but the resolution was still too poor to actually pick out specific buildings. So imagine my surprise when I looked at it the other day, and could actually make out people around the Monument! Yay!

But now that I've shown this to you, I hereby absolve myself of all responsibility for the amount of time you will now spend looking at the pyramids, the Forbidden City, and even Legoland, Denmark.

Gives new meaning to the phrase "Where will you go today?", doesn't it? :)

ps: the images of Newcastle are several years old - take a look on the Quayside, and you'll see that the Sage (a theatre/performance hall complex) is nothing more than a dirt pile in these photos.

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