Wednesday, February 22, 2006


its been a busy week (and its only wednesday!), so I've been particularly disinclined to post anything... so instead you just get photos from my trip to glasgow this past weekend...

this is some random monument we passed as we were walking from our hostel into the downtown core

this is the front of GoMA - the Glasgow museum of modern art]

another view of GoMA - and no, Michael, I can't take normally-angled photos

Elizabeth and Stephanie at the Willow Tearoom - the interior is a replica of the original tearoom that was decorated by Charles Rennie Mackintosh - I knew him for his art nouveau stained glass, but apparently he's pretty famous for his chairs too... these ones are actually really comfortable, despite their uprightness

one of the arches leading into Merchant City

this is a really cool, just renovated condo complex - the flats are on sale now! this shot is taken sans ground floor, because that was all surrounded with wooden construction walls. but over the front door, there's a sign indicating that this was once a dorm for the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.... how typical that the students get it while its a dive, and it only gets renovated after the students get thrown out!

this used to be an indoor fruit market, but now its full of bars and restaurants (its in Merchant City, but I forget what the building is called)

forgive my canadian naivete, but i had to get a photo of this police box, à la the new series of Dr. Who (sorry, I'm too young and too Canadian to have seen the first series). Is it just me, or does the Cathedral in the background have an almost "photoshoped-in afterwards" look to it?

Here's a better view of the cathedral - the crowd in front was a wedding party - they'd just had the service inside, and were taking photos by the front door. How very Scottish that all the groomsmen were wearing kilts!

This is the altar and tomb of St. Mungo, patron saint of Glasgow

The next 5 photos are all of the necropolis, which is on a hill right behind the cathedral. This place really is a city of the dead - just check out these gravestones!

(Frobisher really liked the necropolis... yeah, he's a bit morbid that way)

And finally, a glimpse at the aptly named Glasgow nightlife (but then who am I to talk, Newcastle's really isn't all that much better):


Alice said...

ooo Glasgow, I've not been for AGES but have a conference at the Uni at the end of March.

apparently there's a very cool yarn shop there now...


great pics but did you visit K1 yarn boutique?