Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm melting... melting....

Ever hear that expression "blisteringly hot"? Well, I just proved (for what I'm sure is only the first of many times this summer) exactly what that expression means - its when you can't even walk five blocks down the street without getting a blister from your flip flops! argh!

It's absolutely stifling in Ottawa today - high of 30 mixed with 70% humidity, giving us a happy little humidex temperature of 38 degrees celsius - that's over 100 fahrenheit, for all my american pals.... and of course, in my flat - way up on the 3rd story, with storm windows yet to be removed - it has to be about 5 to 10 degrees warmer - just sitting here typing is making me break a sweat! I should be on a patio right now - sitting in the shade of an umbrella, sipping a nice cool drink. But alas, one cannot spend all day on the patio! :)

but now to distract myself from all this heat, lets talk about knitting for a while... check out my $1 treasure from the Glebe Garage Sale (forgot to mention it the other day):

Its a pretty cool book - about as old as me, of course, but its not like knitting stiches change all that much... its got a pretty good collection of stich patterns, as well as the basic explanations of increases and decreases for when my brain shuts down while i'm reading a pattern! But it also covers crochet (which I can't seem to conquer), embroidery, needlepoint, and everybody's childhood favourite, macrame! (oh come on, you tried to learn macrame at one point too, didn't you? even if it was the early 90's, and not the 70's).

ugh... it is WAY too hot for 5:30 in the evening... maybe I should step away from this roasting hot laptop for awhile. catch ya later, when the temperatures drop a little bit!


Anonymous said...

I hope it has cooled down a bit for you.
Your first parcel was posted on Tuesday (30th) so it should be with you by your birthday. Hope you like what I've sent!
Your SP8

Impressionist said...

Don't know whether to be jealous of the weather there or happy not to have blisters on my feet. I was just thinking about the blister thing yesterday! Funny you mentioned it! In Newcastle, it was what I've started calling 'Coldy-Warm': when it's hot in the sun, with no wind, but FREEZING when a cloud covers the sun or when the wind blows. I guess it's good to knit wool all year round. But I really miss that melty summer feeling... Enjoy!