Sunday, May 28, 2006

Glebe Garage Sale Day!

Yesterday was the first saturday after the May 24 long weekend, which meant that it was Great Glebe Garage Sale day. True to form, the sale was in full swing, and well picked over by the time Tiffany, Jeff, Mike, and I hit the streets at 8:30am. But there were still lots of things for sale, including several very expensive cars (a Mercedes and a Lexus), lots of antiques in the $750 - $1000 range, and more than a few kitchen sinks!! :)

Here are a few photos of the crowds, taken around 10:30 or 11 in the morning...
you can see the crowds of people walking along the sidewalks... the crowds get so dense that you end up walking on the streets - which is why I think they should close the streets to traffic, but i guess that's a little unrealistic, considering how many streets they'd have to close for the event.
Tiff and Jeff were looking for more than we were, so they made out like bandits - a non-electric underwood typewriter (Jeff is going to write the 'Great American-turned-Canadian novel'), some Christmas tea plates (Tiff loves dishes) and napkin rings, a couple of classic books, and a box fan - all for under $50! We only bought a few things, including a full-size BBQ for only $20 - Mike says it needs a little TLC, but it did come with the propane tank and a side burner - so guess who's gonna be cooking for me all summer!

In keeping with the traditions of the GGS, hot dogs and sausages were being sold on every street, so of course we had to take advantage:
The other part I love about the GGS is that everyone is supposed to give a portion of their profits to the Food Bank, or some other local charity. The result being that many people just end up donating all of their profits to charity, and will even sell drinks and snacks to raise money as well. My favorite fundraiser is the Dixieland Jazz Band - they set up on a front lawn near Third and Chrysler, and their music can be hear all up and down the street!

(The guys on the porch the keyboardist and the drummer)

We shopped till we dropped at about 2pm yesterday, and then wandered across the Rideau Canal to a pub with a great patio.. a beer and some nachos later, and it was time for a nap, so we'd have enough energy for a party at Dave & Tara's place later in the evening. Which reminds me, here's Owen in his Panpan jumper:

sorry its blurry, but he just won't stand still! :)

PS: I'm almost at post #100! How should I celebrate?

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