Friday, May 26, 2006

Where have I been?

Well, I promised you some photos from the wedding, so here they are... but there's only two, cause most of the photos were taken with Mike's film camera, and haven't been developed yet.

Here are Micheline and Damian cutting the cake:
And here are Tara and I, after dinner, and after quite a few glasses of wine:

Damian is from Leeds and loves his football, so all of the tables were named after football teams - my table was the Newcastle United table, which seemed very appropriate. (Damian did his undergrad degree at Newcastle Uni, so he's more connected to the city that you'd think!)

I wish I had a better photo of Miche's dress to show you - it was handmade for her by her friend James, who is a fabulous designer. The dress was white silk, with a very pale blue crinolin underneath - the bottom of the dress was gathered and lifted to mid-calf in two places so that the crinolin was exposed - very fun! the dress was strapless, as you can see in the photo, and it was laced up the back with a bright blue ribbon, which went right down to the small of her back. Miche said later that it seemed to take an hour to be laced into it!

K, having re-read it, that description doesn't do justice to the dress... when mike gets his film developed, I'll try to find a shot that shows the whole thing.

As for the rest of the week, I've been getting rather domestic, baking, making dinners, and trying to keep the place tidy. I'm going to have to get a job soon, but for the moment I'm enjoying just hanging out here, knitting, and forcing myself to do a little school work as well.

Saturday morning is the Great Glebe Garage sale, which is essentially one big garage sale that stretches from one end of the neighbourhood to the other - about 6 to 7 blocks wide east to west, and easily 10 blocks north to south. It starts at 8, but if you really want the good stuff, you have to get out there about 7am, when everyone is setting up. There are a couple of very expensive streets in the Glebe, and its not unusual to see the antique dealers' trucks cruising those streets at 6:30am! One year I saw a dining room set out on the street, selling for about $5000 - it was 8 chairs and a table, and a good 100 or so years old (don't laugh all you English readers, Canada is only a few hundred years old, don't forget!). I also remember seeing a 1930's car going for about $35,000, and even a house once, if I remember correctly. But a word of advice if you want to come check it out - come early, and leave your car at home. there are so many people on the streets that you can't possibly drive around - its best to just leave things with their sellers, and come back to pick them up in the afternoon/evening (the sale ends about 1 or 2pm).

my friend Tiffany and her husband Jeff are coming up this weekend too, and we're all going to a party at Dave and Tara's on Saturday night - yay! (i love parties!). Oh, that reminds me - the Panpan jumper was for Dave and Tara's son Owen, and I gave it to him on Tuesday - he fits it perfectly - its just a little bit big, so he should be able to wear it into the fall (on those cool evenings at the cottage, for example!). So now I have to get moving on some of the other baby things I have planned to knit, especially as I just heard that two more friends are expecting now too! I really should just go into the baby-clothes business! :)

oops - its almost 10! I need to go clean the apartment!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are settling back into life in Canada. I have been collecting things together for your first parcel this week. It should be in the post on Saturday and hopefully will get to you in time for your birthday!
Your Secret Pal

glittrgirl said...

Hi Glenda

Nice to see you on the blog - we miss you! Have fun and see you sooner then we think.