Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I wanna drive a tractor

So do you think that if this PhD thing doesn't work out, maybe I could learn to drive one of these?
(excuse the grid work - I shot this through a screened window!)

The City has been tearing up our street for about a month now, and today they finally got to the section in front of our house. Its way too loud to study now, so I just spent the last half hour watching this thing park in front of our place and start digging... i love how it picks up huge pieces of road as easily as if it were peeling back the crispy sugar coating on a creme brulée! :)

this weekend we went to hot and sunny Toronto for a wedding...
I had to take advantage of our visit to spend a few days in the library, which actually worked out pretty well, considering the +35 degree temperatures (celcius), and the humidex which put the "feels like" temperature to about 42. The library may be boring, but at least it was air conditioned!

Here's a photo of the happy couple, Ken and Jane, sharing their first dance....

and sharing a kiss! :)
These two left for their honeymoon yesterday - a few days in Glasgow to visit family, a stopover in Amsterdam, then on to a Safari in the Serengeti, a 'hike' up Mt. Kilimanjaro, and then a week relaxing on a beach on Zanzibar! Can you tell that this is a couple who never does things half way?!

I can't wait to see the photos when they get back!

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