Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It never rains; it pours packages!

The Postal Service in Ottawa is crazy... I've been waiting and waiting for 3 different packages for a couple of weeks now. but every day, the mailman brings nothing but bills and letters for the previous tenants. But then, out of the blue, all of my mail arrives in one day, in one great big pile on the doorstep! YAY!

Here's what Mr. Postman brought me:
a fun package from my secret pal!!

look what's inside:
yummy Lorna's Laces sock yarn! It's a whole kit, complete with needles, instructions,
and these stitch markers:
thanks so much Secret Pal! This is perfect timing too - I can take it with me to Toronto this weekend, cause socks are perfect car-knitting!

My other fun package is exciting too, but much less so, cause I already knew what I ordered!

look! 12 colours of KnitPicks Merino Wool to make into the Wild Stripes baby blanket for Mike's soon-to-be-born cousin Steven:
such fun colours! they're actually a little more vibrant than they look here...
stupid grey weather!

I can't wait to start knitting up all these yarns! the colour selection for the blanket is really cool to have, because some of these colours were the ones I've been contemplating for the Sunrise Circle Jacket that I want to make - so now I can see them first-hand before deciding. But with all this knitting I need to do, I think its time I started knitting and reading at the same time again! :)

In other news, Kieron started painting his room yesterday, which means he'll be moving in before we know it! Here he is painting away!

Gotta love the pepto bismol pink-ness of that paint! good thing its only the primer! :)


Anonymous said...

At last one of my packages has reached you. I hope the other parcel (posted about 6 weeks previously, returned to me and posted again) arrives at some point in the next few weeks (months!)
Glad you like the sock yarn. I am completely addicted to socks.
SP xxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh, forgot to say, I really really really wanted to make the Wild Stripes blanket, but the wool substitutes to make it just proved too expensive over in the UK and the thought of ALL that st st put me off a little! I ended up with a crocheted squares blanket I could make on the tube. One day I'll make Wild Stripes! SPxxx