Tuesday, August 22, 2006

back home and back to work (part one)

(Blogger is being mental and not letting me post photos properly, so today's post will be in several installments....)

we got back to Ottawa yesterday morning at the painful hour of 6:30am. made even more painful, of course, by the fact that since we were still on Vancouver time, it actually felt like a 3:30am wake up call - blah! needless to say, while poor mike had to go off to work asap (which turned out to be at 9:45), i came home after dropping him off and spent the next few hours vegged out on the couch, watching tv and sleeping! :)

anyway, now that i'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again, here's a little re-cap of the weekend...

Mike flew out on Thursday night, so we spent Friday being Vancouverites - shopping on Robson Street, meeting friends Rachel and Colin for drinks on my all-time favourite Canadian patio at Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island (which we reached via the ferry, of course!), going to dinner, meeting up with more friends for drinks at Earls, and then checking out the view of English Bay from my Uncle Howard's fabulous, newly-renovated penthour apartment in Kitsilano.

meeting the "more friends" was actually a total coincidence - Mike, Rachel, Colin, and I had just left the restaurant at which we'd eaten dinner - all of a sudden we look up and two of Mike's friends from his MBA class were walking towards us, on the way to go for dinner with a third friend from the MBA class - so of course we just had to tag along with them! That kind of thing always happens to Mike when we're in Vancouver, despite the fact that it was me who grew up there, not him! last summer, we were on the way to a BBQ at the flat of one of the guys we saw on Friday night, and all of a sudden some guy calls out Mike's name - turns out it was a friend of his from undergrad, whom Mike hadn't seen since graduation - Mike didn't even know that the guy had moved to Vancouver! :)

so friday ended after lots of socializing, and then it was time for my brother Gavin's BIG DAY...

these are all my maternal aunts minus the 2 who couldn't make it - my Auntie Nona (the eldest Gibson sister) lives in Mississauga (western suburb of Toronto) and my Auntie Sue (a Gibson by marriage) lives in Oxford. Look closely - they're all sisters except for Auntie Valerie in the middle - this is proof that my slightly crooked nose really wasn't caused by a bar brawl! :)

Here's the groom-to-be, being social and trying not to look nervous

At the altar, mid-ceremony (the bridesmaid is giving a reading)
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