Thursday, August 17, 2006

new projects...

lots of shopping, visiting, and wedding prep going on here, but there's still been enough time for a little knitting, courtesy of the yarn I bought at UrbanYarns...

first project, Anna Bell's Cherry, in Jo Sharp Summer Soho, color Sailboat:

I'm loving this pattern! the two purl rows you see toward the top of this pic form a channel for the ribbon that's tied around the waist of the cardigan - there's a row of eyelets in the middle, through which a ribbon (or an icord if i can't find a matching ribbon) will be threaded.
the yarn for this project, on the other hand, is driving me crazy. like many cotton yarns, its made of about 6 very fine strands, loosely twisted together. so loosely that they keep splitting as I knit - especially when I have to tink back a row because I wan't paying attention as i counted stitches! oh well, its only really noticeable when its one of those cabley stitches that's been untwisted, so as long as I pay attention to those rows, all should be good. :)

the other project will remain mysterious for a bit, just so I don't talk about it so much now that you're bored of it by the time I actually get round to knitting it.

but now i have to run, cause I'm due for a manicure and pedicure in 30 minutes. now lets just hope I can keep my nails nice until Saturday - knowing me, I'll have every nail chipped by then!

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glittrgirl said...

Loving the new look of the blog Glenda! And that cabley pattern is so pretty!