Tuesday, August 01, 2006

drowning in air

you know how on cold days, when you walk inside a warm building your glasses immediately fog up? well today, I opened the door of the gym to go outside and my sunglasses immediately fogged up!

that was about an hour ago... now, its 9:35am, and the humidex is already at 40 degrees - that's 89% humidity people - it could only be higher if it were raining! (humidex is this random canadian term for the "feels like" temperature, as opposed to the actual air temperature... today its 27 degrees, but 40 with the humidex).

anyway, all this is to say that even though I wanted to post some photos today, I'm going to run away and find some air conditioning instead. Mint mocha Starbucks frappuccino, here I come!

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