Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the last part, I promise! :)

since mike wouldn't let me bring the bears home (he figured customs wouldn't like it), we moved on to the birds of prey show. i tried to take a photo of the hawk on his perch, but the trainer's food offering was more appealing to him than publicity on my blog - silly bird! but at least the view of Mt. Baker in the background is pretty cool!
after the show we hiked up to Dam mountain, one of the peaks behind Grouse Mtn. I think the title is a typo - we went counter-clockwise around the loop trail, but almost couldn't find the turn off to the summit of the damn mountain! :)

here's mikey at the top

and here's me getting ahead of him on the way down!

after the hike we took the gondola back down, and then quickly went home to change and pack before going out to a pre-flight family dinner - so quickly, in fact, that i left my new knitting magazines in Vancouver! grr! (thanks mom for sending them to me!)

and now that we're home and fully rested, I guess its time i went back to work! especially since Blogger is being mental, so this multi-part posting took me WAY too long today! (when posting through picassa, you can only add 4 pics per post, hence the 5 posts for 20 photos!) Posted by Picasa

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