Thursday, August 24, 2006

sniffle... sniffle... achoo!

Today feels like fall. (that's autumn, for all you english folk! ;) )

Its chillier than it should be, the sky is kind of grey, and - that sign of all signs that fall is here, I have a cold! :( I had thought it was allergies, an idea further encouraged by the fact that yesterday my sniffles stopped after I took an allergy pill, but today a pill from that same box has done NOTHING for me! grrr! (achoo!)

i don't get sick too often, but when I do I'm a horrible patient. All I want to do is spend the day curled up on the couch with a warm blanket, drinking tea, watching television, and knitting. This is usually made even better by the fact that I'm tend to only get sick in the winter, so there's always an added comfort in sitting there all warm and cozy and watching people suffer through the cold wind and rain/snow outside! This is especially rewarding on blizzardy days, cause you can actually see the snow build up as high as the grass, then the bushes, and sometimes even the park benches (that was 2 years ago, when my windows looked out on a park) :)

but today, alas, its actually kind of sunny out, 20 degrees can hardly be considered cold, and the only things building up outside my window are piles of dirt from the construction guys tearing up the street for about the millionth time (they're replacing all the underground pipes, one system at a time, so they keep going from one end to the other, digging holes and filling them in again, and then coming back to make a new set of holes. based on this week's activities on the other side of the road, sometime next week we're going to lose part of our front yard for the sake of a new gas line!). and of course, what with september looming, there is no time for knitting during the day, cause I'm trying to keep up with my thesis writing so that I can meet my end of summer goals. Meanwhile, all the sneezing is making it very difficult to concentrate... ugh.

oh well. my bright spot today is that the postman left me a notice that there's a package waiting for me at the post office (the postal truck which usually brings the packages can't get to my house because of the holey road!) so maybe I'll quit a little early and go fetch my parcel late this afternoon. Good motivation to keep working! :)


glittrgirl said...

Ooo a parcel! How exciting!


Hope you feel a bit better soon Glenda. If it helps, think of us in Newcastle where the temperatures have dipped to 15 degrees and the forecast says we will have drizzle every day for the next ten days.


Good luck with the writing too. Thinking of you.