Thursday, September 14, 2006

baby gift in the making

Little baby Steven - Mike's cousin's new son - was born healthy and happy (and almost 2 weeks early!) this past monday. So I fugured it was high time I spent some quality time with the wild stripes blanket that is destined to be his. So, here goes...


1) One completed knitted blanket, blocked to the appropriate size:

2) Fun fishy backing fabric in coordinating colours:

3) 2 packs of red piping for the edging...
picking them up later today - gotta get some amount of work done today! :)

This evening after dinner, I'm going to curl up with a good movie and a mug of hot chocolate, and attempt to prove to myself that sewing by hand really is just the same as sewing up a knitted garment - its just that the stitches in the knitted fabrics are way smaller, that's all!

wish me luck! (I'll report back tomorrow, hopefully with completed blankie in tow! :)

PS: if you're having trouble commenting on my blog, its because I switched to the new blogger beta, and they still haven't made the accounts compatible with regular blogger... hopefully they will soon, cause it means that I can't leave comments on many of your blogs either! Its easy to switch over, if you want to, but you need to create a gmail (or googlemail in the UK) account to do it... just look on your blogger dashboard for the link that lets you switch.

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Ruth said...

The blanket looks fab! Were the miles of stocking still hell? Good luck with the sewing