Monday, September 11, 2006

fun surprises

as I was walking to the gym this morning, I was remarking to myself (I always talk to myself - out loud too, which makes for some really funny looks from passers-by) that its beginning to be jumper weather again - just last night I pulled the down duvet back out of summer retirement! I was also thinking that I should start using up some of the sock wool in my stash, so that I'll have warm (and pretty!) feet as I run around the house all day (wall to wall hardwood may look good, but its also bloody freezing!).

Anyway, to my delight, my final secret pal package was waiting for me when I got home - and guess what I found inside!
aren't they great?! specially made just for me, by Ruth from RooKnits - the yarn is King Cole "Anti-tickle" merino, hand-dyed by Ruth using Kool-Aid (of course!) I love them - so fun and bright and cozy - good thing I dug out my grey flannel mary-jane shoes the other day - they'll help me show off these socks when i'm out and about!

Here's the rest of the package:
As you can see, the package also contained 2 skeins of Rowan Tapestry (loving this - Rowan is about 3 times the price in Canada!) and 2 skeins of deliciously soft Aretsana Alpapa yarn in a Green that matches the Tapestry (thus the fun Alpaca card!)... I will have to be creative to find a project that uses these to advantage!

As if this wasn't enough, Ruth also sent along a knit stitch scarf kit from The Spinning Gallery at Lime Tree House in Cumbria - about 16 little skeins of yarn, all in coordinated yet varied colours and fibres - its all those ambery-brown skeins in the top corner of the pic. One skein is slightly bigger than the others (yarn A), and one is slightly less (yarn B)... Cast on about 120 stitches with yarn A, knit one row of each colour (in any order you want) ending with yarn B - then knit a row of all the other colours in reverse order, and voila! A very fun, one of a kind scarf! I am so looking forward to making this!

Thank you so much Ruth - you've been a great secret pal! :)

now that I have even more projects calling my name - and with the aforementioned jumper weather now here - I'd better get moving on my knitting! I think I'll definitely be taking advantage of mike's absence this week - I can make early dinnPublishers and then spend all my evenings watching movies and knitting madly! :)

ps: I didn't mention the swiss chocolate on purpose - I'm hoping I can hide it from myself until the end of the month - I'm a bridesmaid in Dave and Tara's wedding in a week and a half, and I need to do justice to the dress I'll be wearing! :)

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