Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Fall!

although the official 'first day of autumn' was several weeks ago, today is the first day that it really feels like fall to me - and not just because my roommate Kieron took a nasty fall down the stairs this morning (yes, you have to laugh at my bad puns!). This morning it was only 2.5 degrees out, there was frost on the neighbours' shed roof (but fortunately not on my pumpkins!) and when I went outside I immediately decided that its time to dig out the scarves again!

In honour of that sentiment, I decided I needed some knitting photos on here, cause nothing says cool weather outside like a bunch of new projects in the planning and on the needles! And because all that sunshine is perfect for taking photos!

but first, to answer Helen's question from a comment a few posts back, I did a test to find out if Knit Picks Maple Leaf yarn is even close to the real colour of red maple leaves...
turns out its actually pretty darn close (except the yarn looks really fuschia-y in this photo). There were a few less-pristine leaves on the ground that were definitely more of a burgundy-wine colour, but when maple leaves first go red, this is how they look. On a side note, I think its amusing that Knit Picks chose Maple Leaf as their colour title, because there really aren't that many maple trees out west in Washington State where the company is based. I'd have thought they'd go for something a little more local, like spartan apple red or something (Washington State has tons of apple orchards).

last night I also re-taught myself to do yarn overs, so that I could get going on the Airy Scarf... I got this far before falling asleep on the couch:
I like the way this scarf looks, but Kid Silk Haze is not my favourite yarn. Too much man-made fibre in it - the 'mohair' fuzz practically glistens from all the plastic in it, and you can just feel that its not natural. But its pretty, and its not ungodly expensive, so what can you do? Just don't try to frog it too often, cause it tends to just break off rather than un-knit itself (hence the switch from a more lacey pattern to this rather basic one).

Oh, one more thing finally happened which signals the offical arrival of fall - the NHL Hockey Season started last night, and our team, the Ottawa Senators, did a fabulous job of beating those darn Toronto Maple Leafs (whose uniform, oddly enough, is blue rather than red... how funny would it be if some Canadian yarn company made Maple Leaf blue yarn!). But don't worry, I will spare you any more hockey talk - the perfect sign of my enthusiasm for watching hockey on tv is that although I was perfectly happy to sit and watch it with Mike, the game wasn't even over when I fell asleep on the couch! ;)

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