Monday, October 23, 2006

just a quick post

I have yet another deadline coming up this friday, so of course I've been spending my time dreaming about all the fun things I'll get to knit when I'm done and therefore have a little more leisure time... wait, no! that's not it! I'm spending my time WORKING really hard. really i am! :)

I've decided to take a page (post) from Alice's blog, and reward my work time with knitting time... so, let's say 1000 word equals an hour of knitting... (in the evening of course, since there's no way I would stop knitting if i picked up the needles now!) well, I have 2 hours after tonight's German class that could be used for either knitting or working... keep your fingers crossed!

for any of you who aren't facing a big deadline this week, go check out (the site is a little flaky sometimes, so be patient) - the website for the manufacturers of the Drops alpaca yarn i showed you yesterday... I has looked on the site briefly, but couldn't find the link to the free patterns that were supposed to be there... well, I went back this morning (with inspiration from my Secret Pal's comment) and realised that, stupid me, every pattern shown on the site is free! They have, like 1500+ patterns (2000+ if you can read Norsk) all for free! yay! i love free patterns!

but now im going back to work. for real this time :)


Polly said...

Good luck on meeting that deadline!

Knitted Cupcakes (Secret Pal) said...

Oh no! I should have waited until after the deadline to get you to go back to the garnstudio website - pattern surfing is not working.
Good luck with the study - a reward of knitting at the end is a great way to get through it.

Impressionist said...

Oooh, great site! Thanks for the link!