Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ketchup (or catsup, if you prefer)

Lots of things going on here recently, yet surprisingly few posts to talk about it... oh well, today is my day to catch up before tomorrow's trip to Toronto (and the meeting that will happen there) leads to oodles of work for the next two months...

first off, a conveniently timed article in martha-stewart living - fun felt projects made from sweaters that have been (purposely or not) felted in the washing machine... mits, hats gloves, a very cute hot-water bottle cozy, and some stuffed animals... so maybe my gray sweater has a future after all!

next up, weekend happenings...
Mike's family for dinner here on Friday, followed by a visit from out-of-town friends on Saturday which included a visit to parliament hill, dinner, and then brunch on Sunday; there was also a halloween party on Saturday night, and the requisite day of recovery on Sunday. then last night we carved pumpkins! yay! here's the photo review of all those events...

baking cake #1

decorating cake #2 (we had 3 birthdays altogether, and since I hate sharing my cake with people, why should i force others to share their cakes?)

tired kiddies don't like staying up late at dinner parties... :(

inside parliament hill
the Peace Tower of the Parliament buildings
(Ottawa is the country's capital, not Toronto, which comes as some surprise to many non-Canadians)

one of our many pumpkins... you'll get to see the rest of them tomorrow!

The last surprise of the weekend was my hot socks swap package, which was delivered yesterday!
mmmm... 2 kinds of Green & Blacks hot chocolate and a chocolate bar, pretty yarn, and even a fun little stitch marker which opted not to be photographed - thanks Deb!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Victoria said...

From Victoria,

Next year make pumpkin faces of the politicians. And bring them to Parliament. Don't eat the chocolate, it makes your hair curly.