Monday, November 27, 2006

Behind the scenes at Housewifery

This weekend I went up to Toronto for a few days of not working. See, usually when I go up to Toronto its for a quick overnight trip, just enough time to return my U of T library books, spend an evening with Tiffany and Jeff, and then re-check out my books again as I head downtown to catch the train home. But not this weekend!

Ages ago Tiff and I decided that we wanted to go to the One of A Kind Xmas show in Toronto - a 10-day long extravaganza of craftiness, artiness, and just plain fun-ness. The show started on Thursday, so we went this weekend, so as not to see only the left-overs after 10 days of show... not that such a thing could be possible, considering how big the show turned out to be! My cousin Anne, Tiffany, and I hit the show shortly after 11am on Saturday - by 3pm, we dragged our exhausted selves back out again, with lots of fun gifties in tow - fun soaps, jams, cute little buttons - lots of little things. The show was great for inspiration too - there were several local artists featuring knitted goods, as well as items made from recycled felted sweaters - mini skirts, new sweaters, mits, hats, you name it, it was there! The show runs until Dec. 5th - if you live anywhere near Toronto, its definitely worth a visit!

After the show we hit up Romni Wools, so that both Tiff and I could return some leftover skeins from old projects and use the credit for new yarn - check out this yummy alpaca/wool blend that i found (Ultra Alpaca, from Berocco - the skeins weren't super cheap, but at 215 yards per skein, its actually quite a deal!)
its either going to become this t-shirt sweater from Ella Rae book 1 or this cropped cardigan from blue sky alpacas (once i buy this pattern, that is). Add this to several other sweaters that I have waiting to be made, and I have my post-xmas knitting all set out! (i think my new years resolution is to knit and finish things for myself for a change!)

Saturday night was lots of fun too - dinner with Anne, Tiff, Jeff, George, and I-San - a reunion of ex-West Coasters who've all had to move east for one reason or another (mostly school, actually)
alas, Anne had left us before it was suggested that I take a photo!

Sunday was spent shopping before I caught the evening train back to Ottawa - they've finally opened H&M in Toronto, and its funny how the store is spoken of with such greatness - when I was reading travel guides about New York, H&M kept being recommended as a must-visit shopping experience. seems odd now to think that i used to pop in there on an almost weekly basis, just to skim the sales rack! Oh, the glamour that is 'European' when you're back in North America!

While staying with Tiff and Jeff, I also got to see the housewifery crew in action.. here's a preview of a recipe that is sure to show up on the blog sometime soon - mmm... honey mustard and prosciutto palmieres, as prepared by Mrs. Housewifery herself! I also got to sample the yummy zucchini pasta recipe on Sunday night - I highly recommend that one too! (I did try to get a few more 'behind the scenes' type pics, like a photo of Jeff taking a photo of Tiff, but I think I accidentally left my flash off, cause they're all blurry!)


Tippy said...

I posted the recipe on my blog if anyone's interested in a late night snack...the palmiers didn't poison Glenda, so I think they are safe for mass consumption. :)


Wow, I had no idea that H&M was so desirable! Things you learn from blogs eh? I highly recommend knitting more for yourself by the way. It was my resolution last year and I'm really glad I did it.