Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!

Look what my secret pal sent me! yay!

This was such a fun package to open - one big box with everything wrapped up inside in 3 pretty shades of blue tissue paper! Sorry the photo is a little dark - it was so grey and rainy today that I felt like I was back in Newcastle again! Yummy yarn, an Oxfam CD, a notebook, chocolate stirrers and a chocolate bar, cookie cutters, and a fun spotted bag (see here as the backdrop to everything else)!

I love this yarn - its a beautiful mix of golden-yellow, red, and purple - I think its destined to become a big warn scarf very soon - it will go very nicely with my new dark green winter coat! my pal was kind enough to include a latttice scarf pattern, although I think this yarn might also look good as this Woven scarf from the Ella Rae book I bought recently. Guess I'll just have to swatch and see! :)

Thank you thank you secret pal, this was a great package! Such a wonderful surprise to brighten a rainy day!


Polly said...

The yarn is so rich looking. What kind is it?


Yes a woven stitch is a good idea, I've seen some lovely woven type scarves in chunky wool this past year. Makes a nice change from garter stitch scarves too.