Thursday, November 16, 2006

top secret sneak-peeks

shh! come here and take a peek at this - my most recent 'fresh off the needles' top secret project:

In the midst of all this devising of gifty and therefore secret projects, I keep coming across all kinds of fun things that I want for me... patterns, yarns, clothes, you name it! :) Most I can resist by telling myself that I still have several sweaters for myself that are just waiting to be knit up... other things, not so easy to resist!

Like the new IK, for example... and this other new magazine that I just found:

This is their second issue apparently (they put one out in the summer too), so I guess I'm a little behind here, but I swear this wasn't in Chapters in the summer... check out the adorn website for more info on what's in the magazine... maybe not a 'must-get', but its fun nonetheless.

hmm... I think that's all the craftiness that I can share just now... everything has to stay under wraps till later, so I don't ruin anyone's surprises!

besides, I gotta go pack - I'm off to New York for the weekend, to have a little reunion with Elizabeth and Lauren! come back next week for some fun photos, and maybe, just maybe, a little NY yarn porn! :)

oh, one more thing... thanks to Nona for the magic photo trick! :)

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Polly said...

I bought this issue but I can't find it. ARGH!