Monday, November 13, 2006

Stanley, this is everyone

I have wanted a cat for as long as I can remember - we had one (well, several) when we were kids, but the last one 'ran away' when I was about 6, several months after we moved to the city (before that we lived in the country, on 3 acres of land - hence the several cats). After Tigger disappeared, I was always either too young and irresponsible to have another cat, or I was too old, and I'd be moving away to university in only a few years, and there was no guarantee that I'd be living in a cat-friendly place. As it turned out that was probably a good deterrent, since I've always managed to find room-mates with cat allergies!

Anyway, with all furry friends being currently verboten (Monday is German Class day), my only option was a fish. And so, everyone, meet Stanley! (excuse the blurriness - I didn't want to blind him with the flash)
Stanley's left side

Stanley's right side - definitely his better side, I think

Stanley now lives in a vase on my desk, so that I have someone to talk to while I sit here studying all day. He's a Beta fish, aka a Siamese fighting fish (a very non-PC name, I'm sure), so he's able to breathe air from the top of the water - which is why he's able to live in $3 Ikea vase! (I couldn't resist adding the little plant, which came with a lily pad to float on top!). Alas, I won't be able to bring him back to the UK with me, but if he's still around by then (c'mon, he is a fish after all) maybe I'll move him to Mike's office so that they can keep each other company. I'll just have to find him some slow-release food so that he won't starve on the weekends!


Polly said...

Cute fish. Isnt their natural habitat a puddle or something and that's why they always in small containers?

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda,
You should have called the fish, Cat. or Pussycat.

From Victoria

Tippy said...

Ooooh, he's cute. And, now you have another reason not to get a kitty...poor Stanley would be prey. -T


What a great looking fish. Weird though because I have always thought that if I had named Patch (he came to us named Patch and it seemed wrong to change his name) I would call him Stanley.....