Monday, December 18, 2006

Secret Pal strikes again!

I received a package from my Secret Pal in the mail last week, but its taken me ages to get myself back on the computer to post about it - I blame all the time I've spent Christmas shopping in the last few days! Anyway, better late than never, right? :)

sorry this photo is so dark - there is so little daylight here some days that I almost feel like I'm back in Newcastle - its super warm out at the moment (especially since 'normal' temperatures for mid-December hover just below freezing!) so all our should-be snow is falling as rain, and making for some very gray days.

Shown here are a notebook, a calendar full of dessert recipes (yum!), some yummy yarn, a yogurt bath pack, two of those fun chemical handwarmers that you boil after each use so you can re-use them, some partial candy canes, and 3 chocolate santas... the parcel also contained some amazing sipping chocolate, several more chocolate santas, and more pieces of candy canes... but some little, um, mouse, got into it and ate them all up. yeah, that's right, a mouse did it, not me. I think I even saw that mouse heating up the milk on the stove so that he and Mike could drink the sipping chocolate the other night! ;)

Thank you secret pal for the parcel - its timing was perfect too - I needed something fun to open after such a long few days last week.... and Mike loves the fact that he gets to help consume all the fun edibles that you included.

In other Secret Pal news, here are my answers to some questions that my SP Hostess sent out, and which my SP passed on to me:

1) What is the oddest gift you have ever received (not asked for)
This one would have to be a glass dish thingie that my brother and his girlfriend (now his wife) gave me several years ago (I do hope they don't read this!)... its white and shaped like an artist's palette, and it came with 5 little round dishes in red, yellow, green, orange, and blue - they sit in these little indentations on the outer edge, as if they were the paint colours on the palette. The dish kind of looks like it could be a serving platter for some sort of tapas that can be served with 5 different dipping sauces. Or maybe its just to sit and look at. Its very pretty, really, but I still don't quite know what to do with this. (any hints as to what this might be for would be greatly appreciated!)

2) What is the oddest gift you ever asked for
I don't know that this is such an odd gift, but the circumstances surrounding it are... when I was a kid, I wanted a pet cat. For a period of about 3 years (maybe more, I'll have to ask my mom), I asked for a cat for my birthday, for Christmas, for easter, and anytime that I gift could be reasonably demanded. but alas, I never did get that cat! (my mom, however, got herself a cat about a month before I moved out of the house for the last time!)

3) What is the oddest gift you ever gave
I suck at this - I'm bad at remembering gifts! When my brother and I were kids (actually, we still do this on occasion) we got into this habit of wrapping tiny little gifts inside huge boxes - like one year, Gavin gave me a CD or something, but wrapped it inside of a dozen or so boxes and layers of wrapping paper, with the final one being a television box (it helped that my parents saved all these boxes, "in case we ever needed to move". Sometimes we'd add stupid layers like one that was solid packing tape, but no scissors were allowed to be used to open it - or if they were, the scissors or knife or fork or other permissible implement would be stuck to the side of one of the boxes. Anyway, one year I decided to inflict this 'hilarious' wrapping system to a friend of mine - but (thanks to Gavin's idea, as I recall) I took the extra step of paper mache-ing the final layer with newspaper and flour & water paste. it didn't dry in time for the party, so my poor friend had to hack through this mushy layer of wet, smelly newspaper to get to her gift! how mean was that! my god, its no wonder I didn't stay friends with that girl!

4) What is the worst gift you ever got
This one wasn't one gift, it was a number of gifts which, when combined, showed me just how picky a person I really was... in my first year of University, I got 3 travel coffee mugs for Christmas - one from each of my closest friends. While I appreciated the thought, I remember being a little pissed off at the fact that the only thing my friends knew about me was that I liked coffee! (I didn't knit back then) In the end, I returned one mug and kept the two others, which ended up being a good thing - one of the mugs soon suffered the demise of being left on the roof of my car as I was squealing off to school one morning - I heard a clunk on my roof, then saw a flash of shattered plastic travel mug as it hit the ground and broke into several pieces on the road.

Okay, so thats enough of the sordid details from my past. I have to go knit a sock now!

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