Monday, January 29, 2007

My SP and other things...

On Saturday morning, I received my final secret pal package (so loving the Saturday mail delivery thing here!). Isobel, my secret pal, is the greatest - just look at the fabulous package she sent me:
instructions for magic loop knitting, an addi turbo needle that will work just perfectly as a magic loop, and two kinds of sock yarn to use to make the socks... with stitch markers, a calculator, and a measuring tape to help me out with the process.. there were also loads of other goodies: a handmade drawstring bag for carrying around my knitting (its not pictured here cause I'm already using it, but trust me, its the perfect size for 2 skeins and a circular needle) three kinds of chocolate bars (one was fudge... i LOVE fudge!), mints, luxurious l'occitane hand cream and a bath sugar cube, a notebook and pen, and a fun little purse-sized sheepy address book. I was well and truly beyond spoiled in this round. Thank you so much Isobel! (check out her blog here)

Frobisher and I are now well settled into Newcastle again... Frobisher loves Suzanne's yarn stash, but I think we're going to have to keep an eye on him - he's already trying to sneak off with a few of her skeins!
never trust an innocent looking bear!

On Robbie Burns' Day, Suzanne made us Haggis with neeps and taties for dinner, complete with whiskey sauce... yummy! A few nights later, we had the dessert that is supposed to follow the haggis:Its called Cranachan, and its made with scotch-flavoured whip cream, raspberries (we had strawberries instead), toasted oatmeal. this too is super yummy, but how anyone manages to eat this right after the Haggis is beyond me - I had to split this over 2 nights just to get through it!

Before I forget (and because I forgot to take photos of the scarf I just finished) here are some photos from Ottawa that we took a few days before I left:

Here's Mikey hiding out in Owen's little house... and here's Owen and I going sledding in the little bit of snow that actually stuck around in Ottawa...

sure am glad its not that cold in Newcastle!

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Anonymous said...

What cute pictures. Frobisher is such a lucky bear to have such nice parents