Thursday, January 04, 2007

new knitting plans...

This year Santa didn't bring me any knitting goodies - but my mom did, and so did Dave and Tara, Mike's brother and sister in law!

my mom is such a supplier of yarn porn! just look at this lovely mass of Handmaiden yarn - Lady Godiva and Stretto, from the Maid Marion Vest Kit...

She also got me the little pewter and wood closure for the vest:
I love the yarn in this kit, but I'm not entirely sure that I'll knit it as written... I'm not sure if the vest is really my style, so I'll probably turn this yarn into a sweater of some sort... the pattern is knit side to side in order to maintain the vertical stripes, so maybe I'll try and build from that.

Tara, who has heard me complain many times that I can't crochet to save my life, decided to remedy my situation with this fab little kit from Klutz Books:

yarn, instructions, crochet hook, tapestry needle... at this rate I should be crocheting ponchos in no time! :) actually, what I really want to be able to make are the little crocheted amigurumi creatures that seem to be everywhere these days... like this elephant, for example... I seem to recall some fuschia fun fur hiding at the bottom of my stash box that would be perfect for this - after all, everyone needs a pink elephant in the room! :)

(Well, okay, not me... I already have one - his name's Colosso!)

Kieron, our house-mate, and his mother (who came to visit for Xmas) gave me the lastest issue of Knit 1 Magazine, and that new-ish book Not Your Mama's Knitting. Now I have even more patterns that I want to knit for myself!

My resolution for this year, therefore, is to knit one item for myself for every item that I make for someone else - be it friend, family, or charity knitting. That way I will make up all the sweaters waiting for me in my stash box, without feeling too guilty about spending so much time on myself! so all of you guys get to be my conscience - if you see me knitting a gift item, ask me about the me-project that the gift item is sharing its space in the "current projects" knitting basket!

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