Wednesday, January 10, 2007

yarn toys

Check out my fun new yarn swift! (Shown here modelling my Blue Sky Alpaca Alpaca & Silk, which will soon be this sweater for me!)

I found it on eBay for about half the price of those umbrella-styles ones - this one sits on the floor on its own, and collapses down for easy storage/portability. The 4 pegs that hold the yarn out are also adjustable, so it works for several different sizes of skeins.

The swift is hand-made by the people at Scotts Mountain Crafts. They also make beautiful shawl and scarf pins, which they sell from their etsy shop - totally worth a visit, especially since they are offering an SP9 discount at the moment.

I have knitting pics to show you, as well as sewing pics from a project I'm making for Mike. But you have to wait a little longer to see them cause I'm sick and my attention span today is about 2 1/2 seconds long... (I can hardly even keep it together long enough to go make myself some tea!) I'm also trying to get up the effort to either work, or at least walk over to the post office and collect a parcel (I think its a fun new mobile that I bought with Xmas money - thanks daddy!), but its -10 out today, and I really don't want to face that now... maybe I'll go knit a calorimetry like Alice's so that my head will at least be warm if I venture out later this afternoon. Of course, I don't have the bangs to make this look as cute on me as it does on Alice, but oh well.... :)

ETA: I finally managed to drag myself out the door to the post office, and the package was indeed my fun new mobile! Yay! On the way, I spotted a girl sporting a Nasty Dog Dragon Scarf - it was a forest green dragon on a light gray background. AMAZING! I was so tempted to stop her and ask her about it, but it was just too darn cold! Stupid winter - even with my quick-march pace I was barely half-way home when the searing pain of inhaling ice-cold air into sickened lungs began... so when i got home I was just forced to sip hot chocolate and knit for a few hours! :)

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Flossie said...

Aw, thanks Glenda, I didn't realise I look cute! :o)