Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm a lousy blogger

Since coming back to England I seem to have become a really lousy blogger... there's been what, like 3 posts in 2 weeks? anyway...

I have some knitting content today!
I started this scarf on the flight over from Canada (yes, they actually let my needles go through security for once) and finished it a few days later. Its made with yarn from my fab secret pal Isobel. Its a basic lattice stitch pattern, and actually looks a lot more lacy than this photo shows... if I ever find the data cable for my phone I'll upload a better photo of it.

And in other news, it snowed in Newcastle today... here's the scene from my bedroom window this morning:
real honest to goodness snow. I can't believe it. And most of it was still around when I got home tonight. We just better not get those 7 inches they've predicted for all of Britain!


Elizabeth said...

Nice scarf! Did you see my baby hats!?

I miss your blogging! Tell us all about what is going on in Newcastle! Hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

So now I know where our snow went, so glad it went to the East of Canada and on to England. I hope we do not see any more snow for many a year. Your scarf is very pretty, make one for frobisher he might feel the cold in England.

DaviMack said...

When you block it you'll be able to see the lacy effect. What kind of a pattern are you using? It's not curling at the edges at all, which is a plus.