Monday, April 09, 2007

SP Questions

Sorry I'm a bit late posting these questions... travelling and all that. I had hoped to be able to email some posts in using Mike's new (eBay) WiFi phone, but it seems that our eBay karma was a little worn out - the phone works, but won't charge its own battery...

but on to the questions:

I learned to knit when I was... um... 21 or 22 - only about 5 years ago. Technically, my cousin Anne taught me to knit - I was living with my friend Tiffany, who was an avid knitter. She inspired me to learn, but it wasn't until that summer that I actually picked up the needles. Tiff had moved back to Portland for the summer (better pay down there, even more so when you add in that exchange rate), so Anne was subletting her room. One night we were having dinner at my Mom's, so we dug out her needles, and Anne showed me what to do (Mom helped too, but she was never a big knitter). Then I got a learn to knit book and just went for it, with Anne or Tiff's help whenever I got stuck... the rest I just picked up along the way.


Bobbi said...

Glad you "found your way" to knitting. Enjoy!

Secret Pal said...

Hi, Secret Pal dropping by. Hope you have got your package!