Monday, April 16, 2007

Spoiled by SP's!

Last Wednesday I got a notice in the mail saying that I had packages waiting for me at the post office. But I had to leave early Thursday for a conference (just got back last night), so I couldn't get the parcels till today - they were most definitely worth the wait!

First up was the package from my SP10:
Gorgeous "Deep Blue Sea" coloured Organik yarn from The Fibre Company, a beeswax candle, and lavender scented soap apparently made somewhere in Northumbria (there was no company name on it). I love this yarn! Its 70% wool, 15% Baby Alpaca, and 15% Silk... so soft and squishy! And, thanks to the soap that was packaged with it, it smells great too! :) I'm thinking of ordering another skein of this so that I can make a little shrug from it!

Here's a close up so you can appreciate it too:

The second package was from my Swap Pal in Knit the Classics Spring Book Swap. Her name is Hope, but she hasn't sent me her blog address yet - I think I'll have to find her via the KTC pages... anyway, here's what she sent me:
This book, Sorcery and Cecelia, is the first in a series of four - the point of the spring swap was to send your pal the first book of your favourite series. I've flipped through the first few pages of this one, and it looks like it should be pretty fun... now I just have to track down the other 3 books of the series!

Along with the book and bookmark, Hope sent me some fabulous goodies:A pretty card, fun summery sock yarn (Sockotta from Plymouth Yarns), the Spring Vogue Knitting, hand cream, and a pattern for a Koigu shawl.

Thanks so much to Hope and my SP10, I can't wait to start knitting and reading!


Secret Pal said...

Glad you like the package, and the shawl pattern from your other package looks gorgeous!

Knitter Treater said...

Hi! I'm going to be spoiling you for the Knitter's Treat Exchange and I hope I can outdo your secret pal ;D Just wanted to say hi... I've really enjoyed reading up about you ;)