Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Just a short post today because my computer is still under the weather, and I'm stuck using Mike's old one instead... which is fine, because its better than nothing, but it doesn't have any of my photos on it so there's nothing fun to post...

yesterday, after Mike picked me up at the airport (with a Timmy's Sprinkle donut in tow!), we went to the Senators game... This is ice hockey, for my English friends, and its round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs - always an exciting time here in Canada, and in those areas of the States that actually know what hockey is... the game was great - it was only the 3rd (or maybe 4th) game I've been to live, and because its the playoffs, it was that much more exciting. Oh, and there was the fact that we won, by a very hard-fought 2-0. yay!

Game 4 is Wednesday, and we're going to that one too... this time I'll remember to bring my camera so you can see all the mad fans... maybe the red-toga clad boys (sporting red togas and red bodies) will even pose for a photo! :)

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you going to the game. Oh what fun. I hope they win and one day we see Senators playing the Canucks. Who will you vote for MMMMMMM
Do you have a red toga??
Bye from Me