Sunday, April 29, 2007

grumble grumble grumble

my computer knows I'm going home tomorrow.

how do I know that it knows? simple. it waited until this morning to break - just in time for me to take it home for some TLC from Mike who will very likely be hiding it from me until he has time to fix it, just so that I don't get my furious hands on it and do something drastic like throwing out the window or smacking it around a bit - my old, circa 1997 computer, which was very aptly named the beast because of its size and weight, used to undergo such battery on a regular basis. Michael used to look a little pale everytime I hit it. But, due to its beastly proportions, that computer still worked when I gave it to my brother to dissect/convert into a digital photo frame. I only replaced it cause it ran Windows 95 just a little too slowly for my purposes. Or patience. :)

anyway, my current ultra-light (and therefore flimsy) mini-beast has suddenly decided that it doesn't want to be unplugged - I can't get the power-cord bit out of the side of the computer! so rather than risk short-circuiting something, I've decided to leave it be till I get home. Which sucks, because I had planned to spend the day loading some cast-on episodes and other music onto my phone so I'd have something to listen to while stuck in Heathrow during my layover tomorrow... grrr...

maybe I should go knit now so I'm not tempted to fix that darn thing myself... oh yeah, I'd fix it real good - fix it right out the window!


Katherine said...

Have a lovely time at home!

DaviMack said...

Suggestion to Mike: clip the power cord close to the laptop (2 inches, maybe) & add a male plug to one bare end & a female to the other (obviously nothing huge like a regular plug - just some sort of coupling you can find at the electronics store). It's far easier than taking the thing apart, and far less risky, too.