Friday, June 08, 2007

preface to KIP day

Will you be knitting in public tomorrow? I will! well, if the weather lets us, that is, although if this afternoon is anything to go by, it will at least be warm tomorrow, if not exactly dry. :) (if its wet out, we'll be knitting at a public house, so it still counts!)

In anticipation of all the fun we'll have making hats for smoothie bottles (what for? why to keep their bottle caps warm, of course), I decided to make a sample hat in advance - saves swatching, right? But since I didn't have an innocent smoothie to try it out on, Greebo very begrudgingly agreed to help out:
He's just so not impressed with me in this photo, you can just tell! :)

check back on Sunday for a recap of KIP day!


pinkphish said...

I made 3 'training hats tonight any excuse to use my new pompom maker :-)
I did have a smoothie bottle to try mine on but a Greebo would have been more fun.
See you tomorrow


I think that's a prime candidate for 'stuff on my cat dot com' don't you?!

glittrgirl said...

he was being VERY obliging there!