Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yay for Secret Pals!

my last secret pal package arrived this morning, hand delivered to me at the Centurion knitting group (thanks glitrgirl!). Spoiled again, that's all I can say! :)
My secret pal spoiler was Katherine, from chatiryworld. This time she sent along a fun wooden 'G', travel-size aromatherapy candles, a scented cushion, a very cute little satin pouch which is now destined to become a stitch-marker holder, and of course, fun yarn.

This is hand-spun yarn from The Handspinner having fun, who are located on the Isle of Skye. I really like this yarn - thick and thin, from pink to a fun lilacy colour (this photo makes it look too grey). Now all I have to do is figure out the yardage (or is that meterage, not being American?) so I can decide what to do with this sucker! :)

Thanks Katherine!

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Katherine said...

Glad you liked the package, the problem with buying yarn from the Handspinner is that none of them have any length information on them so you have to guess, yikes!