Friday, June 15, 2007

me next! me next!

I've sorted out my issues with Flickr, so I'm ready to be invited to Ravelry now! :)

ETA: It was pointed out to me that I should've linked to my Flickr account for you... it's here, but there's no photos in it yet! :)

k, now I'm off to knitting....


DaviMack said...

Are you going to tell the rest of the world what your Flickr account is, or just broadcast a teaser out there, like that. I mean, you could at least link to it from your sidebar or something. ;)


my flickr

Secret Pal said...

I got my Ravelry invite this week, it's great.

Sorry I missed your birthday, I should have noted it down and sent you a card, bad Secret Pal! Hope you had a good one.