Friday, July 27, 2007

My week in pictures...

This week was busy.

Mikey's not-so-little green car got towed away...

The tow-guy thought I was crazy wanting to see the car actually be physically be towed off, so I had to take this shot from my office window (hence the screen blurring the photo).
This very well-used car finally broke down last fall and, after buying our new car, we had neither the ability nor the money to repair it, so it kind of just sat around for a while. Finally, we decided to donate it to the Teen Challenge Farm, an organization that helps young men overcome their substance abuse problems - they either repair the cars and sell them off (teaching the men how to become mechanics in the process), or just auction them off for parts. Either way, they benefit from the money, and we no longer have a broken car in the drive.

Mind you, it was still sad to see the old clunker go - I can't remember all the adventures we've had in that car, most of which involved the car breaking down at the side of the highway, often in either the middle of nowhere or in a small town on a holiday weekend when most things - including the local garage - weren't open, and always when we were on a tight schedule and needed to be getting somewhere rather distant rather fast. Let's just hope that our Golf doesn't suddenly decide to fill that now vacant role in our lives! :)

We picked the first of our zucchinis (courgettes):
we at the bendy one and it was YUMMY! the other one we gave to Mike's mom to bake with. (I had just made banana muffins, so I didn't want to bake with it myself - but there are lots more still on the plants!).

And I got a fun package in the mail!
This was a prize I won during SP10 - the competition was put on by our very kind hostess, Bobbi, from The contest was held in early June, but Bobbi wanted to make sure I was well and truly safe in Canada before posting it - nor do I blame her, what with the scary inefficiencies of the mail these days.

Here's a close up of the handmade card:

And here are all the goodies that were tucked inside:
big notebook, little notebook, note cards, a fun magnet, and a yummy smelling Body Shop soap. Thanks Bobbi, this is great!

K, so I also did some other things this week, like testing the theory that you can kill weeds growing in cracks in the pavement by pouring white vinegar on them, but I'm going to save the results of all that stuff till next week. We're off to Niagara on the Lake this afternoon (a mere 6 hour drive away) to meet up with Ellen, Elizabeth, and Lauren, my North American friends whom I just happened to meet while in Newcastle. :)

Have a good one!

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