Monday, July 23, 2007

more monkeying around

So last week started out with me drawing monkeys... It ended with me going out to play with the monkeys...

Here's little Felix, Monkey #2, looking all cute and attentive at only a month and a half old...
And here's Monkey number 1, striking a pose in Auntie Glenda's sunglasses... that kid is such a ham! :) (Here we also see Monkey #3 - originally from the Ikea jungle - in his natural habitat, napping calmly in the absence of the other monkeys)In the midst of our picnic, Owen taught me his new game, "Soccer me!", which involves him dragging you out to the middle of the grass and then having you watch as he throws the ball into the air and tries to jump up and bounce it off his head... then he laughs like mad when it actually works. Is it any surprise that his parents met while playing soccer on a co-ed team?.

The day after the picnic, my fun knitting accessory finally arrived (turns out they didn't mail it when they said they would, and they managed to put the wrong address on the box - thank goodness for friendly down the street neighbours!). Check it out:

Its a Jordana Paige Knitters' Satchel, my belated B-day gift to myself (after drooling over it for a good year, I'd say!). The second picture shows the colour a little better - it really is a very nice deep red. The bag is not as big as I thought it would be (its about the same width as my yellow laptop bag), yet is still amazingly spacious! In this photo, I had my roll of all my knitting needles inside, as well as 5 balls of Rowan wool cotton, a kid's blanket (more on that another day), and there was still room to spare. The balance issue noted in Knitty's review from last spring has been fixed too, so it just sits there nicely on the floor, begging to be taken out to a knitting meeting... but that will have to wait till September, I'm afraid, since I never seem to make it out to knitting meetings here in Ottawa. Maybe I'll just have to start carrying this as my regular purse, just so it doesn't start to feel ignored!

I also created a third monkey option which I think will be the one I use for the hoodie - I figured a more traditional looking monkey would be more appropriate. You like? :)(Personally, I quite liked the animé monkey , but I don't think he's quite right for the job)

And now, I'm off to the fabric store to start making some ears and a tail!

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