Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My AMAZING Secret Pal!

This morning the doorbell rang at 7:30 in the morning - ghastly early for my household, as we all tend to sleep in until the sun is properly up in the sky... Good thing it was the postman at the door, with a parcel just for me!

the parcel was from my secret pal, Sharon! (Hi Sharon! so good to finally find out who you are!). She really spoiled me rotten with this lot of goodies! The theme was "Winter Warmer", so everything had to do with keeping one warm - wintery sweets, hot chocolate, a fun knitting themed coaster to put my mug of hot chocolate on, a magnet, an advent calendar, a chapstick in a cozy, stitch markers, and even an Elizabeth Zimmerman book that I've been wanting!

Here's a close up of some of my favourite bits:

aren't these just the cutest Xmas tree ornaments? We're not going to have a tree in Newcastle, so these are definitely coming home with me for our Ottawa tree!

Sharon made these fetching mitts just for me - extra repeats at the top and bottom to make them longer, and they fit perfectly! They're made with Sublime, so they're super soft too!

I laughed when I saw this chapstick & cozy - Sharon, had you been stalking my ravelry queue, by any chance? I had these on my list, but only just took them off because I decided that my crochet skills aren't good enough to make them... and now I have one anyway! :)

And finally, aren't these just the cutest stitch markers you've ever seen?! Sharon makes these and sells them from her Etsy shop - I had a look at it this morning, and I totally recommend that you check it out - she has some little penguins that are just SO adorable! :)

Sharon, thank you so much! you have been the most amazing secret pal! :)

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Sharon said...

So pleased you liked your parcel :-) I've had fun spoiling you!