Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Secret Pal!

In the midst of all my crazy running around and playing tourist last week, my secret pal sent me not one, but TWO fabulous little parcels!

This was the first one, which arrived just in time for Halloween! (I love Halloween!)
Fun chocolates, a yummy fall-scented candle, very silly Lego erasers (I love these!), and a little sheepy notebook. The chocolate eyeballs and pumpkins are sitting on my desk right now, just begging to be munched up! :)

Then, when I got back on Sunday, this parcel was waiting for me:

Not pictured are a scarf pattern for this lovely malabrigo laceweight, and a sheepy bookmark, which is hiding inside the book. :) The bluey-purple yarn is the malabrigo - it is now officially the softest, squishiest yarn I have! The reddish brown yarn is Cascade 220 Handpaints.. also very squishy, but not quite as soft. I may have to make it into mittens or a hat or something!

Secret Pal, thank you so much! :)

1 comment:

Secret Pal said...

Glad you liked the parcels! I'm sitting here stroking the malabrigo on the screen haha - wishing I'd got a couple of skeins for myself too. It's definately on my list for my next trip to GK :-)