Sunday, November 11, 2007

a very productive weekend

I knit two sweaters this weekend! :)

Ok, that's a lie.

I finished two sweaters this weekend. First, on Friday night, I finished this one:
Pattern: Wicked, by Zephyr Style started about a month ago
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, about 4.5 skeins
Notes: This was such a quick and easy pattern - I'm so in love with the top-down sweater now. This took me about a month, including 2 weeks of non-knitting thanks to all the travelling I was doing. It would've been done sooner than that too, except that I'm useless at casting off loosely and therefore had to do this one three times, with some adjustments - first it was too short, then it was too long, and now its still a little tight on the cast-off edge, but not so much as you'd notice. :)

Then, last night, I hauled this creature out from the naughty corner, and finally finished it off - which involved pathetically little work, considering how long its been sitting there as a UFO.
Pattern: The Somewhat Cowl, by Knit and Tonic
Yarn: the amazingly soft Alpaca Silk by Blue Sky Alpacas. I used to think this yarn was super expensive, at CA$12.50 a skein. But just now I did a little of that normally taboo currency exchange math and realised that the Rowan yarns I usually buy here for £5.00 a skein actually cost pretty much the same amount. Suddenly, this yarn doesn't seem all that expensive anymore!
Notes: I started this sweater in January, which means its taken like, 10 months to knit. Except after knitting the body, the sleeves, and most of the cowl, it sat in a plastic bag for about 6 months, waiting for me to purchase another skein of yarn so that I could finish it. When I finally pulled it out again last night, it was done in about an hour. :)

And now I must go back to watching Captain Jack Sparrow!


Anonymous said...

Very cute sweaters. The Brown one is very nice. Can you wear it back to front for a change? Maybe you might be a bit more warmer this winter. Bye from me

Emily said...

Hey Glenda, I know I havent seen you in ages, ive been a bit crap about getting to the Bridge. Im planning on being there this week though! Is that the brown sweater you were knitting while we were away at Beadnell? Looks gorgeous anyway, they both do.

glittrgirl said...

Finally! An it was worth it wasn't it? The SC looks fabulous!

Mike said...

How come you crop the heads out of all your photos? That's no fun!

SP said...

They look great! I really need to finish my 'foxtail' - I desperately need jumpers/cardi's.