Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is there such a thing as too much yarn?

At school this afternoon I was being anything but productive, so I decided to come home and make myself useful by cleaning up my room, so that I'll have space to do my packing this weekend... (only 6 more sleeps till I go home to Ottawa!)

It was still (sort-of) daylight when I got home, so in the midst of tidying, I decided to take advantage of the light and take photos of my UK stash, so I could post it on Ravelry. (Helen's post inspired me, I think!). So if you look, I now have A LOT of stash yarn listed there... Now, I'm not saying that I have too much yarn - I think I have a long way to go before its too much! - but I definitely have lots of yarn. Which is kind of the reason I wanted to put it all on Ravelry, really, because now when I want to start a new project, I can search my stash first, and then decide if I really, really need to buy new yarn. (note to Mike: I have only a very small selection of yarn in sweater quantity, so yes I will need to buy more sweater yarn this winter! :P )

I already have a few ideas of things to make with my stash yarn... no clues as to the actual projects, but you can see the yarn I have in mind:

And just so you see that I am doing some knitting, here's the first of my Lucy-inspired Peekaboo Mittens!

ps: Yes, I have just sworn that I would never again knit with Rowan Kid Silk Haze, but oh, I want one of these! (ooooo, I think I may even have a ball of KSH in my stash!)


Tiffany said...

oooo, I hadn't seen the pattern for those peekaboo mittens. Gotta make me a pair! -- though that will probably be post-christmas rather than post-haste. :)

purlpower said...

Packing up our stuff to move is what inspired me with the ravelry stash thing. I will only be taking a few knitting things with me to Spain and I know I am going to forget what I already have stashed away (hell, I forget it already and I live with it!) so I thought it would be good to record it all and it has made me think about what to take away with me.

Thanks so much for the Flickr tip. I knew there just had to be a way round it. Going to try it out soon.