Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mayne Island Socks

Not much on the needles just now, as I seem to have finished up most of the projects I've been working on these last few weeks... and although I want my Minna Cardi to be finished ASAP, miles of black stocking stitch doesn't really keep one interested for too long. But I may have a solution!
This yarn was sent to me as a gift from my 'second brother,'* Sean. Its 2-ply wool from a Meadowmist Farm sock kit. He was out touring around Mayne Island (one of the BC Gulf Islands), and saw this and thought I'd like it... and I do! :) Thank you Sean!

(Mr. Giraffe there has been pushing for some spots... He dove into the photo at the last minute, hoping that maybe this might be his spot yarn).

So, in yet another attempt to force myself to enjoy knitting socks, I think I may well cast on for these tonight. Now... do I make the 9-inch size for me, or the 10-inch size for Mike?

*Sean works with my mother, and has (for a while now) been claiming that she's his second mom... I wonder, do you think this yarn is a bribe so that I won't complain about having to share her? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Did I see some of the little giraffe's friends in the Santa Claus parade??
Opps they were from Ikea.