Sunday, December 23, 2007

Only 2 more sleeps!

So I baked the Xmas tree cookies last Wednesday, but it took us until yesterday to finally decorate them and get them on the tree... just too many other things wanting my time these days!

Here's how the tree looks all decorated
and with the lights on:

So I think I mentioned that last Sunday we had a snowstorm, which dropped 37cm of snow. (Funny story about that... we were out shopping that day, and on our way home we saw 4 people cross-country skiing through the downtown streets!) Two days later, we got another 10cm or so... these are some photos that I took while we were digging out the driveway... again.

See the snow pile in front of our Golf? Normally, that space is big enough to park a car in... here, the snow is taller than our car...

This is our front walk, before I went to clear it again... the snow on either side reaches above my knees...This is the warning sign that the city plows are coming to clear the street in the morning. If you park your car in the way, they'll tow it away to some undisclosed location, and then you have to wander the local streets trying to find it again...

This is our street, narrowed down to only one lane because of all the snowbanks - they were all about 3-4 feet high, although its a little hard to see that in this photo.

This is the snow pile that's in our front yard - note how the top of this pile is also the same height as the car...

On Friday night, Mike and I drove up to Montreal to visit some of my aunts and uncles... My Auntie Dot and Uncle George live in Montreal, and my Aunt Sue and Uncle Herbie (from Long Hanborough, UK), and my Aunt Paddy and Uncle Howard (from Vancouver), have all come out to stay with the for the Holidays. So this was the perfect opportunity to go out and see everyone!

Here's Mike with Auntie Dot
This is Uncle George
Aunt Paddy and Uncle Howard

And Aunt Susan and Uncle Herbie
And me, just to prove I was there. (I do have one group photo of all of us, but I've been warned not to post it on the blog! :) )

Anyway, its now pouring rain outside, so all that fun snow is slowly turning into slush... let's hope the streets dry a little before it gets too cold, otherwise Santa will have to ice skate his way through the Ottawa streets! We're spending the day cleaning up the last of our moving boxes, and then I want to bake some shortbread cookies (for eating this time!).

But now I need to go open the parcel that just came in the mail for me - its my Ravelry Scarf exchange parcel all the way from Australia... you know its extra special when the postman delivers it on a Sunday, especially since Canadian postmen don't even work on Saturdays! :)

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Anonymous said...

The Christmas tree looks great. You certainly have lots and lots of aunts. Mike is cute
Have a Very Merry Christmas and this year is going to be a big one for you