Tuesday, December 18, 2007


On Saturday Mike and I bundled up against the -15 degree temperatures (-22 with the windchill!), and headed out to get our Christmas tree. We couldn't remember the name of the place, but we had a vague idea of where the farm was located.... after driving just long enough to wonder if we'd gone too far, we saw the sign, and pulled into the farm...

A quick ride on the tractor brought us to the trees,
and then it was up to us to hunt out the tree that most wanted to come home with us.
At first we though this would be a good tree, so we cut him down and brought him back to the car (by way of the tractor-pulled sleigh, of course!). But then when the tree got pulled through the bailer (this metal ring thing that the tree is pulled through, and at the same time its wrapped in a tube of netting so we can put it on the roof of the car), all the branches on the tree broke. Alas, poor Mr. Tree was too old and brittle to come home with us,

So, after putting on extra socks and sweaters, we went back out and found this little guy:
He fit into our car without being bailed (we weren't going to risk that again!), so we brought him home and set him up in the sitting room.... He's all pretty with lights and garlands and shiny balls, but he's still missing some cookie ornaments - I'd better get those finished tonight! :)

ps: today's title was inspired by the 37cm of snow that covered Ottawa on Sunday, and is now sitting on our front street in 4 foot high snow banks! (pictures tomorrow, when an additional 7-10cm is supposed to fall!)


glittrgirl said...

Pics of the decorated tree please!


Just checking in to wish you and Mike a merry christmas. I have been too busy packing up the house to make and send cards this year but there's a christmas message to all on my blog! Much love, Helen x