Wednesday, January 16, 2008

just saying hi

Not much going on around here these days, which is why the blog is getting neglected. Mike moved apartments in early December (right before I came back to Ottawa for Xmas), so we've been spending the last few weekends clearing out the rest of the boxes, and hanging up photos and things. Makes the place feel a lot more homey, but doesn't make for the most entertaining gossip. :)

Knitting is progressing, but that too is less than entertaining when it comes to blogging meterial. Wanna see?

First we have two sleeves being worked in plain black stockinette (from my still unfinished Minna cardigan),
one long tweedy grey tube of stockinette,

and one sleeve of tweedy grey stocking stitch.
The grey bits are for an EZ Seamless hybrid that I'm making for Mike. So far its going well - only one more inch on this sleeve, then the other sleeve, and then I'll be on to the yoke bit which is supposed to be the fun part. I need to have it finished before I go back to Newcastle on Feb. 13th, but I'm hoping to get it finished before the end of the month. Good thing I have these guys to keep me motivated!

And of course, the promise of new yarn for new projects. Since I'm in Canada, I figured I'd take advantage of the bargain-priced yarn at
Nope, you don't get to know what its for! And Lucy, it may be more grey, but at least its not brown! :)

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ooooh I really like the look of that baby silk...yum.