Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh No!

So, this morning was just like any other day (when I'm here in Ottawa, anyway). Mike had left for work, and I was sitting at the computer reading email and catching up on my list of blogs. Then my feet got cold, so I went to find my fun, red, comfy, handknit for me by my SP7 (Ruth of RooKnits), wool socks. I've been wearing them around the house most days recently, and they've been just lovely. So imagine my shock when I saw this on the heel of one of my socks:
not only has it worn through, but the yarn has broken, and the stitches are starting to ladder! It's horrible!

Okay, so maybe its not that bad. I've had these socks for over a year, and they've been washed in the machine pretty often (yay for superwash wool!). Besides, I could sort of feel that that the bits under the balls of my feet were getting a bit thin... See?I don't have any matching yarn to patch these with, and since the holes are so bad, I'm thinking they're a little beyond fixing anyway. Instead, I think I'll dig some sock yarn out of my stash and start knitting myself a new pair. But for future reference, King-Cole's Anti-tickle, kool-aid dyed, merino wool makes a darn good pair of socks! :) Just have plenty of coffee on hand when they do go, to make the acceptance process a little easier... (k, so maybe that is just my coffee-addiction speaking).

which reminds me... check out the fun coffee I dug out of our moving boxes the other dayIsn't it great?! Mike got me this "Really Swell" coffee in Disneyland the first year that we lived together (2003, I think) - he was down in LA for work, and wandered through the open to the public, souvenir-shopy bit of Disneyland one evening when he had a bit of free time (ha! shows how long ago that was - he never has free time on business trips now!). This came as a set with two other tins of coffee, and then he also got me Disney princess hot chocolate in pink, purple, and blue (yes, you actually end up drinking blue hot 'chocolate'). We drank this coffee on Sunday when our regular stash ran out. The tin is now going to become a pen holder for my desk - its just too cute to throw in the recycling box!


Anonymous said...

Is that the Scottish coming out of you wanting to keep things forever, or maybe it is inherited from you parents. Ho Ho
The Coffee tin si so cute. One day go for a cheap trip to Disneyland down near Florida with your man. Bye from me

RooKnits said...

oh no! Poor socks... do you want me to see if there was any left over yarn, or do you think they are beyond repair?

The Knit Nurse said...

What do they put in it to make it blue? That's worrying.

Have you considered knitting a whole new heel in a different colour (e.g. black)? You could pick up the stitches and knit it over the top of the old and graft the live ones onto the sock.


that coffee is way cute! I am currently hatching an elaborate plan to turn my worn out socks into some kind of far it is still in plan mode.