Tuesday, January 22, 2008

okay, that was a bad idea

this is the view out the back window of my house today
see that sort of dark-ish patch on the ground next to my downstairs neighbour's jeep? about 30 minutes ago, that was bare black asphalt... stupid snow that started falling again just after I finished clearing the driveway!

anyway, all I can say now is "OW!" Too much sitting (with poor posture) at the computer every day has been making my lower back quite sore, and now all that snow shovelling (of a very reasonable - for Ottawa - 3 inches of snow has made my upper back hurt now too... grrr!

After I go in searh of some ibuprofens, I may just have to go spend the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch knitting...Look! its finally starting to resemble a proper cardi (ignore the pins)! I finished the sleeves last night, and sewed the shoulders together. now its on to the front bands and the collar, and sewing in the sleeves, and I may just get my first 2008 FO before the month is out!

hmm... now I wonder if I can find some hot chocolate in the house that is suitable for my new healthy eating regime...

PS: did you know that knitting burns 31 calories per hour? I wonder how much one burns when frogging vigorously? :)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the weather in the East. Lots and lots of snow shovelling. But it is good for the calorie burning. Sit ups are the best to cure a bad back (Core muscles). Do them when watching TV.
Snow is so pretty when it first falls. Sitting in front a fire and drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow falling is such a romantic thought.