Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some things I like... (in no particular order)

1. Taco Salad for dinner. Mmmmm... taco salad... (don't worry, its all lettuce and peppers and tomatoes and avocados under that meat. mmmm avocadoes...)

2. the fun new mini-laptop (only 1.5kg!) that Mike got me for belated Xmas (and as a preventative remedy for the inevitable meltdown that my other laptop is bound to suffer this spring, no doubt taking every piece of hard-drive data with it!). and buying this on eBay for about 2/3 the price makes it even more likeable.
3. these fun lego erasers (given to me by my secret pal) which make translating greek a little less dull
4. watching hockey, especially when the Sens are finally wining again. (woohoo! its a fight!)

5. that the Rideau Canal is opening for skating tomorrow morning! Almost makes this -10 (& lower) weather worth it... let's just hope the canal stays open this weekend when the temperature climbs a little closer to zero.

As for things I don't like, try this (paraphrased) instruction for knitting the collar to my cardigan:

Cast on 186 stitches (for the smallest size)
work 2 rows of 2x2 ribbing.
On the next row, cast off 3 stitches then work the rest of the row in the 2x2 ribbing.
repeat that row 48 times, then cast off remaining 42 stitches.
geeze... but at least the rows keep getting smaller as I go. :)

hopefully, there will be an FO by the


Ellen said...

I am having taco salad for dinner, too! No avocadoes, sadly, but otherwise pretty much the same.

Sharon said...

Hi! I haven't stopped by for a while (life's been a bit stressful) - like the new template. Really is time I gave my blog a new look - you've inspired me! Glad to see the erasers are in use ;-)