Monday, February 25, 2008

FO: Minna Cardigan

Wow, this was a long time coming... seems I didn't get nearly enough knitting done over the holidays, since this cardigan has taken me almost 4 months to finish!
Pattern: Minna, from RYC Book 21, Classic Tweed. Originally, I bought this book to make a jumper for Mike - but he didn't love that pattern as much as I did, so he's getting something else instead. :)
Yarn: Karisma Superwash Wool in black (colour 05) from GarnStudio - ordered 10 balls, this used about 7. At first, this yarn felt pretty rough - not scratchy at all, but not soft or squishy either. I blocked it heavily (read: totally saturated it with warm water, so that it took 4 days to dry) and now it feels quite nice. Especially for quality yarn that cost less than £2 a ball!
Comments: this took WAY too long to finish, mostly because I had to knit the right side 3 times - I hate it when the only instructions provided for the right side say "Work to match left front, reversing all shaping." Inevitably, I will mess up and have to frog part, if not all of that side. if doing this again, I'd add some shaping to the sides, and maybe make it a little longer. I'm also considering knocking a good 6 inches off each side of the ribbon (currently they're 120cm long), although I'm a little worried about making them too short. Who knows, maybe they'll be shortened because of perpetual fraying or something (my Fray-check stuff is back in Ottawa).
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pinkphish said...

Looks Lovely. The ribbon makes it very glam.

pinkphish said...

I swear I wrote that last comment before I read what you'd written on Ravelry.

glittrgirl said...

Lovely - colour???