Tuesday, February 12, 2008

what -29 degrees (celsius) feels like

Got up early this morning so that I could take Mike to work, thereby acquiring access to the car for the day. Beautiful sunny day, made brighter by the light reflecting off the snow and the blue sky overhead. So I stepped out onto the back porch, took a deep breath of fresh air...

... and promptly started coughing up a lung after the insides of my lungs froze solid! trust me, having your breath freeze while its still in your body is not a pleasant experience.

Here's another little taste of Canadian winter...
driving in a white-out caused by blowing snow. That truck in front of us was never more than 2 or 3 car-lengths ahead of us, although at times we couldn't even see it!

I filmed this on the way back from a wedding we went to this past weekend, up on the Georgian Bay (about 430km from Ottawa).

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Aaron, the groom, is Mike's best friend from University. He and Kelly are triatheletes, and the original plan for this wedding was that if they had qualified for the big Ironman Triathalon in Hawaii last fall, they would've been married a few days after the race. Alas, hey didn't qualify, so we wound up with this view from our hotel room window...
I think I would've preferred the palm trees and white sand!! :)

Despite the lack of warmth (actually, it was a very pleasant -5 to 0 for most of the weekend), it was a good party - weddings are always a great way to catch up with old friends you rarely see, even though some of them actually live in the same city as you... :)
In keeping with their Canadian sporting traditions, Aaron and Kelly included included a little ice time in their wedding weekend - outdoor ice rinks are so Canadian! And of course, it wasn't long before the simple skating party broke out into a hockey game!Although we probably could've used a few more hockey sticks :)

It was a fun weekend though, and good times were had by all... I think the next wedding we go to will be ours... I hope its as much fun for our guests as this one was for us! :)

And now I have to go pack, so I can go back to Newcastle tomorrow night....


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great. And I love the dress. Is Mike a little too happy with his martini in the picture of you both at the table? Ho HO

Anonymous said...

For the record... that not Mike's martini ;)