Tuesday, February 05, 2008

International Chocolate Relations

mmmm... just look at all that internationally sourced chocolate....Today's chocolate fix is brought to by Australia (see below), Switzerland (Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate), and a little bit of the UK (Fry's Cocoa Powder). And, more specifically, by my Ravelry scarf exchange partner, Kate, who sent me this Haigh's Chocolate recipe as part of my exchange parcel.
She also sent along 200g of their Honeycomb Block chocolate. So what could I do but bake brownies?!
These will be served for tonight's dessert, alongside a scoop of yummy vanilla bean ice cream - I can hardly wait!

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Kate said...

Hi Glenda, just saw this post - so glad you liked the choccie and got some fun baking time! I love these brownies and it's so cool to see them enjoyed across the other side of the globe :)